Alon Garages owned by the long standing Alon Group operating over 30 years in the auto industry and offering professional, reliable, responsible and timely service for trucks and pickups owners in the highest standards. We believe that first class service 24 hours a day at an affordable price for our clients has made us the best chain of trucks, vans and pickup garages in Israel. Alon garages is the only nation wide auto repair shop network, from Hatzor Haglilit in the north via Ein-Hamifratz, Haifa, Tiberius through Gedera (Kanot  – Industrial Zone ), Bear Sheva up to Eilat.

Alon Group provides a large variety of nation wide auto sale and service via six daughter companies operating under one roof. With over 900 staff members and 30 years of proven experience in the vehicle industry, we are proud to provide the most Israeli business owner professional and trust worthy service for vehicles of all types. We are specialized in the care of commercial and heavy duty truck, vans and pickups as well as private cars.

Israel's largest truck repair service

The group’s first daughter company is Alon Garages Network – Israel’s largest truck repair service , from Hatzor-Haglilit to Eilat, licensed to repair trucks and commercial Vehicles from the following manufacturers:

Piaggio, Mercedes, Scania, Man, DAF, IVECO, in addition specializing in servicing Izuzu, Volvo and Mitsubishi. Despite the fact that Alon Garages functions as an auto repair shop for trucks , you can also find services and repairs for private vehicles.

Alon On the Road – A nation wide fleet of  towing services for trucks and commercial vehicles 24/7.

Alon Motor Parts – A vast stockpile of over 8 acres of spares for trucks, commercial and private vehicles – new, renewed or from disassembling, all under the largest and most advanced logistic center in Israel.

Alon 24 – A company offering tailor made maintenance agreements for commercial vehicle fleets consisting of busses, trucks, vans, and pickups as well as private cars.

Alon Auto Leasing – a wide variety of leasing solutions for trucks and commercial vehicles. Our purpose is to provide continues, efficient and cost effective solutions.

Alon Motors –Sole Importer of Piaggio vans in Israel – a company offering commercial vehicle models with hydraulically operated tipper body.